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The next time you are in a driveway or parking lot, look down. You'll see pavement. Unless you have ever had a parking lot paved yourself, you probably have not spent a lot of time thinking about pavement before. Well, that's about to change. See, you happen to have arrived on a blog about pavement and paving contractors. We really like this topic, and so we write about it a lot. You're invited to read our articles. At first, you may not be too excited by that prospect, but we promise — there's a lot to learn about paving, and it's far more interesting than you'd think.


How To Prevent Asphalt Driveway Aging

2 July 2021
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When it comes to an asphalt driveway, the most damaging element is time. Most driveways don't experience heavy use, so damage is often the result of the normal asphalt aging process. Fortunately, you can slow down asphalt aging so your driveway has a much longer service lifespan. Signs of Aging One of the earliest signs of aging is small cracks over the surface of the paving. Over time, these cracks will get larger and the asphalt will look worse. Read More …

The Benefits of Seal Coating Your Driveway

30 June 2021
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If you have a paved asphalt driveway, you likely enjoy having a smooth surface to ride and walk on as you leave and return to your property. Protecting your driveway with a layer of seal coating is extremely beneficial, and the installation of this medium should be performed every year or two to keep your driveway's surface in the best possible condition. Here are the advantages you obtain with asphalt seal coating. Read More …

Answering A Child’s Questions About Asphalt Paving Work

29 June 2021
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Young children typically enjoy watching heavy equipment operators at work. When parents bring kids past the construction of a new parking lot or road, these adults likely will be asked several questions about the work being done. Eventually, asphalt paving takes place, and additional queries from the youngsters result. The adults might want to brush up on their knowledge so they can give their children informative responses. Asphalt Pricing A child might wonder why driveways on their street are a different color than this new parking lot or road. Read More …

How the Residential Asphalt Paving Process Works

28 June 2021
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If you want to install an asphalt driveway for your home, it is important to understand how the paving process works. This will give you a deeper insight into the paving process and be able to make better planning decisions. Project Planning The first step of the asphalt paving process is the planning stage. During this stage, you need to get the permits necessary for the project. This is where the contractor will analyze the area where the driveway is to be installed to determine if an overlay or removal of the old material is necessary. Read More …

3 Issues Your Asphalt Driveway Can Experience

28 June 2021
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An asphalt driveway can look really beautiful and improve the value and curb appeal of your home. However, asphalt driveways are not always perfect, which is why you need to know how to handle and deal with your asphalt driveway. Potholes  One of the worst issues your asphalt driveway can experience is potholes. Potholes are not only ugly to look at, but they can also be damaging to your vehicle. A pothole can cause you to get a flat tire, damage your car's exhaust system, and damage your alignment and shocks. Read More …