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The next time you are in a driveway or parking lot, look down. You'll see pavement. Unless you have ever had a parking lot paved yourself, you probably have not spent a lot of time thinking about pavement before. Well, that's about to change. See, you happen to have arrived on a blog about pavement and paving contractors. We really like this topic, and so we write about it a lot. You're invited to read our articles. At first, you may not be too excited by that prospect, but we promise — there's a lot to learn about paving, and it's far more interesting than you'd think.


Asphalt Paving Services For Your Homestead Planning

28 September 2022
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Planning your homestead means looking at all aspects of the development process. One of the steps in the process is what materials you need and where you will need to use them. A material that is often overlooked by new homesteaders is asphalt paving. Asphalt paving companies offer various methods that can benefit your homestead. Here are the ways you can use asphalt on your homestead and how it can benefit you in each area. Read More …

How Seal Coating Can Protect Your Asphalt Basketball Court

9 September 2022
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Asphalt is widely used to construct outdoor basketball courts for residential and commercial properties, and for good reason. A well-constructed asphalt basketball court is durable, low-maintenance, and costs less to construct than courts made of other materials. However, while asphalt is generally very hard-wearing, it can be vulnerable to damage caused by the elements. When exposed to rainwater and intense UV sunlight for long periods, asphalt can become cracked and brittle. Read More …

Reasons To Invest In Commercial Lot Maintenance For Your Asphalt Parking Lot

30 August 2022
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Are you at fault for damaged asphalt? As a business owner, you can't necessarily prevent damage to your asphalt parking lot. Typical wear and tear are common, as are accidents that may cause damage to the asphalt. However, you are responsible for addressing, repairing, and maintaining your parking lot. There are reasons to invest in asphalt maintenance to ensure your parking is up to par. Understanding the benefits Parking lot wear and tear can often cause dents and divots. Read More …

It’s A Matter Of Time: Signs You Should Stop Postponing Driveway Repairs

10 August 2022
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If your driveway is a hazard to you and to your car, it's time to call for repairs. Cracks and potholes in the driveway are often the cause of trip and fall accidents. Those same cracks and potholes can also damage your car. But, there's other driveway damage that could pose problems for you. Those issues need to be addressed as quickly as cracks and potholes. Read the list provided below. Read More …

Helpful Information On Asphalt And Sealcoating

28 July 2022
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If you've had your asphalt driveway for a while, and you've noticed that it's starting to look as if it is getting old and worn, then it should be sealcoated. If you aren't familiar with the sealcoating process, then reading this article will give you the information you need. Here is more on this:  What is sealcoating? Sealcoating involves applying a liquid layer of the sealcoating material to the surface of the asphalt. Read More …