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The next time you are in a driveway or parking lot, look down. You'll see pavement. Unless you have ever had a parking lot paved yourself, you probably have not spent a lot of time thinking about pavement before. Well, that's about to change. See, you happen to have arrived on a blog about pavement and paving contractors. We really like this topic, and so we write about it a lot. You're invited to read our articles. At first, you may not be too excited by that prospect, but we promise — there's a lot to learn about paving, and it's far more interesting than you'd think.


All You Need To Know About Parking Lot Striping

6 March 2023
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If you have a parking lot, you probably know that painting and striping it is critical for creating an orderly and safe environment. But how often should you stripe your asphalt surface? What type of paint should you use? How long will the stripes last? Read on to get answers to these questions and more! How Often Should You Re-Stripe Your Parking Lot?  The frequency of your parking lot striping depends entirely on the amount of traffic your parking lot receives and the weather conditions in your area. Read More …

4 Important Commercial Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Services You Should Regularly Schedule

8 February 2023
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Setting up a conducive environment for customers and employees should be a major priority for any business owner. It means providing safe and secure premises where everyone is at ease. The pavement area is one major aspect to consider when creating a conducive work environment. Clients, employees, and visitors use this area regularly, and having it in great condition is paramount to the success of your business. Commercial asphalt pavement maintenance services are vital in ensuring the longevity of your pavement. Read More …

3 Signs Your Asphalt Driveway Needs To Be Resealed

20 January 2023
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Asphalt driveways need to be seal coated from time to time to prevent damage and ensure longevity. The problem is there is no set timeframe that will tell you when it is time to get your driveway resealed. This is because many factors can influence how quickly your seal coat wears down. That is why it is so important for you to learn how to recognize the signs that your asphalt driveway needs to be seal coated. Read More …

Paver Designs Add Interest To Your Land

5 January 2023
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The architectural style of your home, the use value of a hardscape addition, and the landscaping that will coincide with the hardscape materials may influence the paver colors, textures, and shapes that your contractor installs. Learn about some interesting ways that pavers can impact the way your property looks and functions. Architectural Elements Pavers come in oblong and rounded shapes. Some paver materials may even feature a geometrical shape. Use the architectural elements that your home possesses to guide you in choosing paver shapes that are similar. Read More …

A Guide To Choosing Custom Headstones

9 December 2022
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When a loved one passes away, there is no right or wrong way to remember them. Many people feel that custom headstones are a meaningful and lasting way to commemorate a life. While it may seem like an intimidating undertaking, choosing the right headstone can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Here is what you need to know about custom headstones and how to select one that perfectly memorializes your loved one. Read More …