5 Factors About A Driveway's Condition To Discuss With Residential Paving Contractors

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5 Factors About A Driveway's Condition To Discuss With Residential Paving Contractors

23 June 2023
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The driveway is an important aspect of enhancing curb appeal. Properly maintained driveways can last for decades. Sometimes homeowners can look at their own paving and tell that it just needs something. Services such as paving repairs and sealcoating may extend the lifespan of these driveways. The following points highlight signs that it is time to replace your paving.


Driveways typically last for decades. The expected lifespan will depend on the paving material. Sometimes the paving will last longer than expected. This occurs when homeowners adhere to the maintenance recommendations of residential paving contractors. Older paving materials will gradually deteriorate even if they have been well-cared for. This is why it is often recommended to replace them on schedule.

Faded Appearance

This is a phenomenon that can occur with aged paving materials. A residential paving contractor may be able to enhance the appearance of the paving using sealcoating. However, they will likely examine its integrity. Sealants are designed to improve the appearance of paved surfaces and extend their lifespan. If the material is weakened, the paving may not be able to last another decade. This means a replacement project would likely be more sensible and help to avoid wasting money for the sake of appearances. 

Poor Drainage

Some driveways may not have been installed correctly. This can lead to a variety of drainage issues. Improper drainage negatively impacts paved surfaces and will cause them to deteriorate. A telltale sign that a driveway is not draining properly is that puddles may be present on the surface after it rains. Sometimes residential paving contractors can use techniques to direct water away from the paving. However, if there are already signs of damage or the paving is aged, the contractor might recommend installing a new driveway designed with addressing drainage problems. 

Excessive Cracks

Minor cracks are a normal occurrence. Homeowners should be watchful for excessive cracks. Linear cracks are less of a concern than severe cracks such as alligator cracks, which require intensive repair techniques.

Extensive Repair Needs

Neglected driveways may have several repair issues. Single cracks may have expanded due to crack-filling services not being performed. Other serious paving issues such as alligator cracks, heaving, depressions, and rutting. 

Residential paving specialists are a good resource to use to determine the integrity of a driveway and determine if its lifespan can be extended. They can provide key reasons for recommending a replacement or paving repairs. 

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