Paver Designs Add Interest To Your Land

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Paver Designs Add Interest To Your Land

5 January 2023
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The architectural style of your home, the use value of a hardscape addition, and the landscaping that will coincide with the hardscape materials may influence the paver colors, textures, and shapes that your contractor installs. Learn about some interesting ways that pavers can impact the way your property looks and functions.

Architectural Elements

Pavers come in oblong and rounded shapes. Some paver materials may even feature a geometrical shape. Use the architectural elements that your home possesses to guide you in choosing paver shapes that are similar. For instance, if you own a square-shaped home, you may want your contractor to use a series of square-shaped pavers to create a patio and an adjoining walkway.

If your home features ornate trim, you may want to use a series of intricately-shaped pavers to construct a fancier hardscape surface that will mimic the decorative features that are on your home. You can also use an opposite approach when selecting pavers. For instance, you may want to mute the decorative accents that your home possesses. To accomplish this, you can select a basic paver shape and have the hardscape materials installed in horizontal rows.

Use Value

The purpose of having pavers added can impact the design you choose. If you are going to add a small courtyard to your property, you may want to use scalloped edgers and a series of textured pavers to create an aesthetically pleasing area with a border around it. If you would like to create a wide walking path that traverses your yard, you may want to go for a symmetrical look. Symmetry can involve using one paver color or multiple paver colors. If you choose multiple colors, your contractor can arrange the pavers in a pattern.

Landscaping Variables

Landscaping elements that are already present may support various paver patterns. Your contractor will help you plan where to add a group of pavers. Their insight may reflect the topographical features that are on your land. Pavers should be installed along flat surfaces. Trees, bushes, and other types of vegetation can be complementary to various paving materials.

Large or small pavers can be used to create a patio that enhances the colors and textures of the landscaping materials that will be within view of the patio. Your contractor can use hardscape materials that are thick or thin to create an elevated patio or a flush patio.

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