Helpful Information On Asphalt And Sealcoating

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Helpful Information On Asphalt And Sealcoating

28 July 2022
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If you've had your asphalt driveway for a while, and you've noticed that it's starting to look as if it is getting old and worn, then it should be sealcoated. If you aren't familiar with the sealcoating process, then reading this article will give you the information you need. Here is more on this: 

What is sealcoating?

Sealcoating involves applying a liquid layer of the sealcoating material to the surface of the asphalt. The application can be done by being sprayed on or squeegeed on. The sealcoating will dry on the surface and give the asphalt a fresh coat that will continue to protect it from further damage. It's important to note that while the sealcoating won't repair anything more than very small cracks, it is your best defense for your asphalt not getting cracks in the first place. 

When should you sealcoat your driveway?

When you first get your asphalt driveway, it will look fantastic. It will have a black surface that has a gloss to it. The driveway will stay like this for a while. Eventually, things like UV rays, water exposure, and exposure to things like acids and oils will cause it to fade and become weak. This is the point where you need to have someone come sealcoat the surface for you. The length of time your driveway can go before it needs to be sealcoated will depend on a number of factors. Things like the climate where you live, the amount of use the driveway gets, and other things will determine how long it will be before another sealcoating should be done. The good news is you can see when the asphalt is looking old, and this is an indication that the time is coming soon. 

How can sealcoating save homeowners money?

While sealcoating is an expense, it's good for you to know that it is one that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Keeping the driveway in good condition with routine sealcoatings and regular cleanings can prevent damage. The types of damage asphalt can get includes cracks, potholes, and even edges and corners that crumble. Keeping up with the repairs for these issues can cost a good amount of money. Also, a driveway that's neglected is also one that will need to be replaced sooner. When this time comes, it will have to be broken up and removed, and then new asphalt will be paved. This process can be quite costly.