The Application Of Epoxy Line Striping

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The Application Of Epoxy Line Striping

19 July 2022
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Epoxy is a resilient substance that is resistant to heavy foot traffic. Epoxy is often used to stripe the inside of a warehouse. Epoxy striping can be added to many floor materials, including epoxy and cement.

Space Optimization

Many operations are conducted within a warehouse. The use of machinery and the production of manufactured goods could lead to space constraints within a business setting. If the flooring is going to be divided up into specific workstations or storage areas, the addition of epoxy striping will outline where each designated area is located.

A business owner may decide to add epoxy grids to the floor. Each grid can be used to outline where a distinct operation or storage process will be performed. A paving contractor is someone who is trained to add line striping. Epoxy paint products can be applied to outdoor pavement or interior flooring systems.

Safety And Directional Needs

Safety standards may require that a group of employees stand a specific distance away from machinery. A business owner may prohibit their workers from walking along flooring sections where heavy-duty machinery will be used. A paving contractor who will be responsible for adding epoxy striping in a warehouse may need to see a drawing of where a business owner wants the striping to be added.

Striping materials that are added can be thin and angular or can be a distinct shape. Epoxy striping comes in several bold colors. Bold colors are used to stripe surfaces, due to the high visibility that these colors provide.

If some machine operators will be required to follow a specific path along the floor, a business owner may choose to have directional striping added to a floor. Directional striping will consist of a series of epoxy arrows. The arrows will help a machine operator navigate the flooring properly. 

Targeted Installation Measures

A blasting process is sometimes used to prepare the area where striping will be installed. If concrete or another paved surface is going to have epoxy striping added to it, a contractor may remove the top layers of concrete first. Once the epoxy paint product is used to add striping to the floor, the striping product will be even with the flooring that surrounds it.

Blasting is not always required. A contractor will determine the best application to use, based on the flooring style and the areas where the striping will be added. A clear coat may be applied over epoxy striping. This will prevent striping from becoming stained.

For more information on warehouse floor epoxy lining, contact a professional near you.