Why Asphalt Paving Is Preferred For Commercial Parking Lots

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Why Asphalt Paving Is Preferred For Commercial Parking Lots

11 July 2022
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Your customers' first impression of your brick-and-mortar establishment determines whether they'll walk into the store or continue past it. That's why you should equally invest in cleaning up your enterprise's exterior as you do your indoor space. And if you're looking for a cost-efficient investment that will give your business a facelift, you should install an asphalt parking lot. Asphalt paving guarantees to boost your business's curb appeal and the best part is, it pays for itself. Continue reading to learn why asphalt paving is preferred for commercial parking lots. 

Versatile Construction Material

The most obvious reason why asphalt paving is popular among business owners is that the construction material is quite versatile. There are three types of asphalt variations: stone mastic, dense-graded and porous asphalt. This allows you to fulfill your unique paving needs without mixing two types of construction aggregates to achieve your desired consistency.

The stone mastic variant is suitable for businesses located in colder regions because its hard rock surface protects the paving from snow tire damage. Dense-graded asphalt, on the other hand, is known for its durability, and porous asphalt will prevent runoff water from pooling in your parking. To know, for sure, which asphalt variant is best for your commercial parking lot, don't hesitate to consult an asphalt paving contractor before embarking on the project.


Another reason more business owners are using asphalt to pave their commercial parking lots is because of its safety. The course surface provides skid resistance which protects your customers from slipping and falling.

Even customers who drive to your store don't have to worry about getting into a head-on collision because their brakes couldn't find traction. The wheels of the vehicle will firmly grip the course paving surface, allowing all driving customers to safely go into and out of your parking lot.

In addition, the paving's jet black color ensures that the painted markings on your parking lot are clearly visible from a distance. As such, walking or driving customers won't get into accidents because they couldn't see the markings.

Weather Resistant

Lastly, but most importantly, asphalt paving is preferred for commercial parking lots because it's weather resistant. This refined petroleum product can withstand constant exposure to the elements and the fluctuating temperatures through the seasonal transition. And the best part is that you can further extend your paving's long life span by applying seal coating over the paving to protect it from direct exposure to the elements. This significantly slows down the asphalt's aging process, allowing your parking lot to remain in shape over an extended period.

If your parking lot is in bad shape, this is your cue to contact commercial paving contractors and commission an asphalt parking lot upgrade.

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