Is It Time To Replace Your Asphalt Pavement? 4 Signs To Look Out For

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Is It Time To Replace Your Asphalt Pavement? 4 Signs To Look Out For

9 June 2022
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Unless you just installed your asphalt pavement or you did it just a few years old, there is a good chance it is outdated. Over time, your asphalt pavement may suffer damage from harsh weather elements and human activities. However, you do not have to live with unsightly asphalt pavement that could expose your family to injuries. Look for these four warning signs. If your pavement has any of these issues, then it is time to replace your pavement and hire a seasoned asphalt paving company. 

1. Cracks

One way to tell if your asphalt pavement is no longer adequate is if you notice cracks on it. Cracks may vary in size and location. And the bigger they are, the more water will be able to infiltrate below the asphalt, making your pavement worse day by day. Cracks may develop due to continued exposure to water and sunlight, tree root damage, or installation issues, especially if you hire incompetent individuals to install it. Whatever the cause, cracks expose your family to slip, trip, and fall injuries. Seek asphalt paving services immediately.

2. Potholes

As mentioned, if you ignore cracks, water will continue to damage your pavement, and the cracks will soon develop into potholes. At this stage, your pavement will be unsightly, not to mention a safety hazard for you and your family. The potholes could even cause tire and wheel alignment issues. You cannot afford to postpone paving services if there are potholes on your pavement. Get on a call with an experienced asphalt company to save yourself from potential injuries and car damages.

3. Discoloration

Another sign your asphalt pavement needs replacement is when it loses its attractive dark color. Faded black asphalt pavement is an eyesore. And it could turn potential home buyers away. The discoloration indicates that asphalt pavement has endured considerable sunlight damage, and it is time for repairs or replacement services.

4. Aged 

As with other things in your home, your asphalt pavement has an age limit. With adequate maintenance, your asphalt pavement can serve you for a longer time. But the life span may be shorter if your home sees a lot of harsh weather or gets a lot of traffic. If your asphalt pavement is older than its estimated life span, you would be better off seeking asphalt paving services. Not sure when the pavement was installed? The asphalt company can inspect it and advise you accordingly.

If you notice any of the signs listed above, get in touch with a reliable asphalt company. They will be more than happy to visit your home, inspect your asphalt pavement and help you determine the best ways to replace it.

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