What To Know About Excavation

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What To Know About Excavation

26 May 2022
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There are many excavation projects you may find yourself considering as a homeowner. Even something as simple as putting in a patio can require clearing and leveling parts of your property. There are also many larger projects that require excavation services. If you need to dig, hiring an expert in residential excavation is vital. Excavators have the equipment and the skills to dig on your property safely. Here's what you need to know if you require excavation services. 

What Projects Require Excavation

Knowing when you need excavation can be very straightforward. However, there are some situations where it's not as evident that you need to hire an excavator. Common excavation projects include excavating to build a new home and putting in a swimming pool. Excavation for the foundation or a basement is necessary if you're building a house. In addition, excavation is often necessary for driveways, landscaping elements, patios, plumbing, and land clearing projects. If you aren't sure whether excavation is needed, your paving contractor will help you determine if it's needed. 

How Much It Costs

Once you know that excavation services are necessary, you'll want to consider how much it will cost. The cost of excavation varies depending on the project and what needs to be removed. For example, excavating a heavily wooded area will cost more than excavating a grassy area. Debris and sloping gradients will also mean higher costs for your excavation projects. Most excavation projects cost $50 to $200 per cubic yard. Your paving contractor will be able to estimate how much your excavation will cost. 

How Long It Takes

How long an excavation takes depends on what obstacles are present and the scale of the project. Some excavation projects will take longer than others. For example, digging for a patio will require less time than digging a basement. Knowing how long different excavation projects take is vital and will require discussion with your contractor. Your paving contractor will estimate how long a project will take. Before you commit to an excavation, be aware that weather delays and other hurdles may arise during this process.

If you are considering excavating, there are a few things you should know. First, many projects can require excavation ranging from building a patio to installing a pool. Second, you'll want to consider the cost of these excavation projects before committing. Finally, how long excavation takes will vary depending on the project's scope.