A Short Guide On Asphalt Paving For Parking Lots

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A Short Guide On Asphalt Paving For Parking Lots

8 September 2021
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If you are looking for the best material for your business parking lot, there are numerous reasons for choosing asphalt paving. You can review this short guide on asphalt paving for parking lots to help you decide if this is the way you should go. 

Asphalt Looks Great

A newly paved or freshly sealed asphalt parking lot looks great. It will have a dark and almost shiny appearance to it. You can even add white and yellow directional and parking spot separating lines as a finishing touch. The paint will pop against the sleek blackness of the asphalt. 

Asphalt is Easy to Maintain

As a business owner, you will be looking for something that will continue to look great with as little effort on your part as possible. This is something else asphalt offers. Cleaning it is as easy as taking a hose to it when you notice it is looking dusty. If you have neglected it a bit too long, then a power washing will bring it right back to its great looking condition. As long as you have it sealed every couple of years, you can plan on it continuing to look great. 

Asphalt is Durable and Lasts for Years

Asphalt is great for parking lots in any type of weather. In the wet regions, it will absorb the moisture, helping to prevent standing puddles. If the moisture makes the soil beneath the asphalt soft and wet, the asphalt will simply expand to accommodate the movement. In the heat, the asphalt will also move with the drying soil, preventing cracks from occurring. Another thing to consider in other areas is that asphalt has enough give that many mild to moderate earthquakes won't cause damage. As long as you have the parking lot sealed according to the recommendations, you can continue to have a great-looking, smooth, clean, and reliable parking lot surface. 

Asphalt is Cost-Effective

While you want a nice parking lot for your customers, you also want to consider the price. This includes the price for the initial parking lot as well as the recurring costs associated with maintenance and repairs. This is one more reason for asphalt being a popular material used in parking lots. Asphalt offers less time for curing, which means you can get back to business much faster. It also requires less cleaning to maintain its look, requires fewer repairs due to its flexibility, and repairs can generally be done faster and for less.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for asphalt paving services near you.