You Can Still Seal Your Driveway After Summer If You Hurry

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You Can Still Seal Your Driveway After Summer If You Hurry

7 September 2021
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Did you mean to schedule an appointment with a local paving contractor this past summer to get your driveway re-sealed? Summer is the most popular time of year to get this kind of work done because the asphalt will seal better in warmer weather. But in many parts of the country, it's still possible to get this task completed after Labor Day as long as you make the phone call today. Here are some considerations to keep in mind if you want to get your driveway sealed in the fall.

Look for a Weekend With Warm Weather

The temperature can drop quickly in the fall in some areas but can also reach summer-like temperatures during the daylight hours. In order for asphalt to properly cure and seal, you will want to look for good weather that stays at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or preferably warmer. This is why there is a bit of urgency to scheduling this appointment after Labor Day, but it can still absolutely be done.

Make Sure There Are No Leaves on Your Driveway

When the fall season arrives, the leaves on your trees will start to fall. If you have trees anywhere near the driveway or located close enough for the wind to blow leaves towards the house, you'll want to pick up every last leaf from the driveway before the contractors arrive. If you have leaves on the ground in a nearby area, do a bit of raking to clean these up and make sure nothing gets blown onto the driveway while the job is underway. You may also want to take one more look at that weather report and make sure it won't be a windy day, just in case.

Form a Long Term Relationship With Your Contractor So This Doesn't Happen Again

Many paving contractors are booked solid at the end of summer because of every other homeowner scrambling at the last minute to get this task done before winter arrives. Again, the sooner you can call, the better. But once you establish contact and the job is complete, stay in contact with your paving contractor or even consider booking an appointment for the following summer. Re-paving your driveway will be a lot easier next year if you can get it done when the weather is much warmer and there are no leaves in sight. Your contractor will work with you to get the job done before the first snowflake falls but can continue showing up every summer going forward so you don't have to scramble like this again.

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