Protecting Your Asphalt Driveway With A Seal Coat

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Protecting Your Asphalt Driveway With A Seal Coat

9 August 2021
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If your home has an asphalt driveway and parking area, it is important that you are following all of the appropriate maintenance guidelines for this particular type of pavement. Sealing the surface of the asphalt can be a basic type of care that is able to provide the property with a number of important benefits.

Protection Against Discoloration

Discoloration of your driveway can compromise the overall appearance of your property. Unfortunately, there are many potential sources of discoloration for asphalt surfaces. One example of this type of discoloration can be fluids from the vehicle leaking out onto the pavement. A seal coat can limit this type of discoloration by preventing these fluids from being able to bond with the pavement itself. This will ensure that they can be easily rinsed or cleaned off the surface. Solar bleaching is another common source of discoloration for asphalt, and a seal coat will limit this damage as some of these coats are designed to block the sun's ultraviolet light.

Limits Wear From Deicing Chemicals

Deicing chemicals can be critical for keeping the surface of your asphalt safe to drive over during the winter months. However, these chemicals can be extremely harsh on the asphalt, and this can lead to the surface of the asphalt becoming brittle. A seal coat can minimize the risk of this occurring as it will be able to protect the asphalt from reacting with the acidic deicing chemicals that you are using for your property. If you live in an area where you will need to regularly use these chemicals, the seal coat will need to be replaced more frequently to keep the pavement fully protected.

Minimizes The Risk Of Cracks Forming

Cracks forming on the surface of the asphalt can be one of the most common types of damage that it will experience. These cracks can directly result in the surface of the asphalt becoming weakened while also leading to more cracks occurring due to moisture enlarging the cracks that have already formed. Seal coating can help to reduce the chances of cracks forming by preventing water from being able to seep into the asphalt where it can cause these issues by putting pressure on the asphalt as it expands and contracts with the temperature. Unfortunately, a seal coat is not the only type of protection you will need against moisture damage as it can also be possible for large puddles to form on the asphalt or alongside it, and this will require an additional drainage system to be installed.

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