Four Reasons Your Asphalt Pavement Needs To Be Striped

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Four Reasons Your Asphalt Pavement Needs To Be Striped

26 July 2021
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Parking lot striping is something that many business owners tend to overlook. However, it is actually very important to the overall success of your business. Parking lot striping has many benefits. Whether your asphalt is new or old, here are a few reasons it needs to be striped.

Improve Safety

It is important for your parking lot to have stripes on it to ensure that pedestrians and drivers know how to maneuver around the parking lot in a safe manner. When crosswalks are outlined appropriately, pedestrians know where to walk and drivers know where to watch for pedestrians walking, minimizing the risk of someone getting hit. In addition, markings on the asphalt pavement help to properly direct the flow of traffic, reducing the risk of a traffic jam.

Increase Parking Spaces

Without lines on your parking lot, drivers will not know where they need to park. You could have drivers parking their vehicles in all different directions. When this happens, the size of your parking lot is not maximized, reducing the number of customers that can utilize your parking lot and enter your business at any given time. Unfortunately, this could hurt your bottom line and could also end up resulting in an accident in the parking lot. When there are clearly marked parking spaces on the pavement, drivers will know exactly what direction to park their vehicles, reducing the risk of the area becoming overly congested.

Enhance Curb Appeal

With a parking lot that has been freshly striped, you can bet that your entire property is going to look better. This means that your curb appeal is going to be boosted. Over time, the lines on your parking lot will wear down due to traffic and environmental elements (think sun, rain, etc.). This is why you should have your parking lot restriped after having it resealed—which means on a regular basis! With a crisp black pavement and bright yellow stripes, the visual appeal of your parking lot will make quite the statement.

Comply With ADA Regulations

Last, but not least, striping your parking lot will help ensure that you remain compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The handicapped that visit your business need to be able to identify where they can park and how they can enter your business safely and directly. Without this striping, you are not only making it more difficult for disabled individuals, but you are also breaking the law.

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