Answering A Child's Questions About Asphalt Paving Work

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Answering A Child's Questions About Asphalt Paving Work

29 June 2021
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Young children typically enjoy watching heavy equipment operators at work. When parents bring kids past the construction of a new parking lot or road, these adults likely will be asked several questions about the work being done. Eventually, asphalt paving takes place, and additional queries from the youngsters result. The adults might want to brush up on their knowledge so they can give their children informative responses.

Asphalt Pricing

A child might wonder why driveways on their street are a different color than this new parking lot or road. The primary reason usually is the pricing for a large amount of pavement. Asphalt costs less than concrete, so the material is more widely used for commercial properties, streets, and highways. It's also relatively common for asphalt to be used on driveways that are longer than the norm, such as on rural residential properties with a house set back far from the road.

Routine Maintenance and Repair

Now, the kids will probably be more alert to work taking place on other paved areas. This could be routine maintenance like filling cracks and small potholes. It might involve adding a layer of new asphalt to the top of a parking lot that has deteriorated somewhat.

Weather-Related Flaws

Parents can explain that weather gradually causes flaws in asphalt. Sunshine fades the rich black color to gray. In climates where frequent freezing and thawing occurs, the process causes holes and cracks. A small hole with water inside gets larger when the liquid freezes. That's because frozen liquid expands in size. Owners of parking lots contact asphalt paving companies to fill cracks and holes as needed.

Heavy Vehicles

Another reason for the development of cracks and holes is the traffic that roads and parking lots experience. All of those vehicles driving across the pavement and being parked there is tough on asphalt.

Parents might want to bring their youngsters to the back of a shopping center or grocery store, where pavement damage can be substantial. Property owners often don't bother having this area maintained since it's mainly used for truck deliveries. Those heavy delivery trucks, which may include semi cabs and trailers, cause significant damage over the years.

Concluding Thoughts

Asphalt paving contractors do installation, repair and maintenance work and also provide blacktop painting services. Their work ensures that people have a smooth, safe surface on which to drive. Those are important aspects both in commercial parking lots and on public roadways. Contact an asphalt paving contractor to learn more.