Why You Should Invest In Asphalt Pavement Sealcoating

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Why You Should Invest In Asphalt Pavement Sealcoating

24 June 2021
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When you own a home, you want to ensure that every aspect of it looks as good as possible for as long as it can. This includes your asphalt driveway. To ensure that your asphalt pavement continues looking its best for years to come, you need to make sure to invest in sealcoating services. This is a service that needs to be performed every two to three years or so. Keep reading to learn a few of the many different reasons as to why sealcoating is so important to your asphalt driveway.

Protection from Water Damage

One reason you want to have your asphalt sealcoated is to ensure it is fully protected from any kind of moisture damage. Over the duration of the winter, the standard freeze-thaw cycle occurs and can be hazardous to your pavement. This is particularly true if your asphalt currently has cracks in it, as the moisture will seep right into these cracks where it will freeze and expand as the temperatures dip below freezing.

When the temperatures warm up, the water will melt until it freezes again overnight. This cycle will repeat itself over and over, making the cracks in the asphalt worse until the damage is so bad that only repair or replacement can fix it. Sealcoating offers an additional layer of protection for your asphalt so that the freeze-thaw cycle isn't something you must worry about.

Protection Against Spills

Due to the high traffic that your driveway receives, it is common for spills to occur. A number of liquids will not impact the asphalt composition, but there are some liquids that will. Some of these liquids include gas, oil, grease, and others. These liquids can eat away at the pavement. Sealcoating, luckily, can help prevent these liquids from penetrating, staining, and deteriorating your asphalt.

Maintaining Appearances

When your asphalt is first laid down, it is absolutely beautiful. It will have that deep, dark color that makes the entire properly look fantastic. Overtime, that color will fade. The good news is that deep, dark color can be obtained again with sealcoating in a fraction of the time, allowing you to keep up appearances in the neighborhood.

Extending Its Lifespan

Since you want your asphalt driveway to last as long as possible, sealcoating is a must. It will help extend the overall life of your asphalt by reducing the need for repairs for the reasons listed above and others.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of sealcoating, or if you are ready to schedule sealcoating for your asphalt driveway, contact an asphalt paving and sealcoating service in your area today.