Six Important Functions Warehouse Striping Can Serve at Your Facility

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Six Important Functions Warehouse Striping Can Serve at Your Facility

23 June 2021
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There are numerous reasons why warehouse facilities need to have adequate floor stripping in place. As the owner or manager of a warehouse operation, you need to understand all the advantages you and your staff members can enjoy if you invest in commercial warehouse striping services.

The following are six important functions warehouse striping can serve at your facility. 

Maintaining safety

One of the top reasons to have warehouse striping put down at your facility is to maintain safety. Striping helps to direct the flow of traffic around your facility. This helps to prevent accidents and keeps staff members safe.

Without striping, movement around a warehouse facility is less predictable and regulated. This can make dangerous collisions of heavy equipment including forklifts and electric pallet jacks more likely. 

Maximizing productivity

By directing traffic around a warehouse facility, striping can make a facility more productive. Warehouse striping prevents traffic jams from developing among staff members as they go about their work assignments. It can also prevent spills and obstructions that slow workers down.

When you invest in striping, you can earn back your investment over time thanks to greater productivity and a better bottom line. 

Keeping things organized

Striping results in a more organized facility. A warehouse that is more organized is less stressful to work in and more productive overall. 

Organization impresses business partners or investors who may come to your facility to visit and evaluate your operations. Striping gives a warehouse facility a more professional look and feel. 

Complying with industry standards

Striping is in some cases required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other regulatory standards in various industries.

The striping requirements for your facility depend on what industry you're working in as well as what types of equipment are being used at your facility. Neglecting to meet OSHA requirements and other industry standards could leave your company subject to various fines and penalties. 

Making training easier

The faster you can train new employees, the more quickly your new hires will be able to contribute to the profitability of your operation. Fortunately, striping can help new employees learn more quickly by providing them with instructions and reminders while they're on the job. 

Protecting equipment

Striping makes work more orderly and regulated around a warehouse facility. This makes it so that valuable equipment is less likely to become damaged due to accidents. Damage to heavy equipment like forklifts can cost a company a lot of money, so protecting equipment with proper striping is important.